Our products: Rollable Solar Panels

Rollable Solar Panels are manufactured with a proprietary roll process that produces a thin film solar panel with best-in-class flexibility. This enables PowerFilm Rollable Solar Panels to be truly rollable, unlike other "rollable" solar panels.

Built with the same technology that goes into every PowerFilm solar module, the Rollable Solar Panel line is extremely durable, lightweight, and easily integrated to provide power for a number of charging applications.

  • Performs even in low light - Rollable Solar Panels have been designed to absorb light even during low light conditions. The panel is able to charge for more hours per day than competing technologies.
  • Waterproof - A perfect solar solution for wet and water-logged environments, Rollable Solar Panels are fully waterproof and constructed with marine grade connectors to provide a portable solar solution for marine environments.
  • Extreme durability - Rollable Solar Panels resist point damage extremely well, resulting in a charger that still functions, with minimal loss of output, even after subjected to puncturing (note – puncturing will affect the ability of the solar panel to repel water)
  • Accessories Included - Using the Rollable Solar Panel is made easy with the included 12 V female barrel adaptor and 15' O-ring terminal extension cord. Plug in 12 V compatible devices to the solar charger directly or hook the solar charger to a 12 V battery for trickle charging and power storage
  • Designed for reliability - Unlike crystalline solar cells that are prone to shattering, PowerFilm Solar modules are flexible. The Rollable series also use a redundant design to help provide power in the event a section should become damaged.

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