Our products: Foldable Solar Panels

Foldable Solar Chargers are the lightest, most compact, and most portable solar solution for remote, expeditionary power needs.

  • Performs even in low light - these Solar chargers have been designed to absorb light even during low light conditions. The panel is able to charge for more hours per day than competing technologies
  • Accessories Included - Using the Foldable Solar Charger is made easy with the included 12 V female barrel adaptor. Plug in 12 V compatible devices to the solar charger directly
  • Designed for reliability - Unlike crystalline solar cells that are prone to shattering, Solar modules are flexible. The Foldable series of Solar chargers also use a redundant design to help provide power in the event a section should become damaged.
  • Originally designed for military use - PowerFilm Foldable Solar Chargers are highly durable. Foldable Solar Chargers resist point damage extremely well, resulting in a charger that still functions, with minimal loss of output, even after subjected to puncturing.

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