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WHAT exactly is an RV?

When you hear the expression “RV” or recreational vehicle, what do you automatically think of?  Do you think of Travel Trailers, Fifth Wheels, Motorhomes, or Tent Trailers?  The word “recreational vehicle” covers a whole lot more than one would think.

Recreation is defined as;  leisure, pleasure, pastime, hobby, exercise, play, sport, amusement and activity.  Vehicle is defined as;  means of transportation!   So, what kinds of vehicles could be used to transport and be used for fun?  A mighty big list comes to mind – Boats, Aircrafts, Cars, Pick-ups, Sport Utility Vehicles, Electric Carts, Bicycles, and of course you have to include Campers, Trailers, Motorhomes, and so on.  Would this list include Motorcycles?  You bet!  Motorcycles can pull camping trailers which unfold to furnish a two or three room tent.

Who qualifies as an RVer?  People who love to sail, fish, camp, fly, kayak, canoe, hike, bike, ice fish, snowmobile, golf, photograph, mountain climb,  and the list goes on… busy or retired couples and singles, families with kids, travelers,  people who love the outdoors.

Go Solar RVing’s  goal is to create awareness for Outdoor Enthusiasts to contribute to the environment by using Solar Energy.  Not only will we help our environment, but it allows us to venture farther from the shore and deeper into the wilderness to play, relax and take pleasure in our beautiful WORLD. 

The Sun is Your Energy !